Adult Martial Arts Training in Pensacola & Pace

Find your inner strength with adult martial arts training at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts! Transform yourself in ways that you may have never imagined. In fact, with martial arts training, you can lose weight, become more flexible, and transition to a healthier lifestyle!

  • Real-world, street-smart self-defense that will protect you
  • Heart-pounding, calorie-burning cardio fitness that will get you healthy
  • Improvements your overall mental health through reductions in stress & anxiety
  • Accountability and discipline through our brand of community martial arts training

Get stronger, get healthier, and get faster with adult martial arts training

Tiger-Rock’s martial arts training combines the ancient traditions of Korea with modern physical fitness to create a total body workout. After all, martial arts requires you to use your entire body. In our classes, you will build strength and improve flexibility. Moreover, you will experience the following benefits:.

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Build physical and mental strength

As mentioned above, martial arts is a full body workout. Everything gets targeted—from your legs, to your arms, to your abdomen. When your core muscles are stronger, you will get a real boost in energy. In time, you’ll see an improvement in your posture and flexibility. Moreover, martial arts can help you improve your physique as you will tone your abs, legs, and arms with regular training.

Get healthier than you’ve ever been

After you start your martial arts training, you’re going to soon make smarter, healthier choices. Martial arts training in itself can improve your cardiovascular health. Because of the repetitive nature of martial arts, you’ll also start building endurance, be more energetic, and lose weight. Altogether, this requires a lot of energy; you’ll start making nutritional changes to make sure you have the energy for training.

Improve your mobility & self-defense skills

A lot of our striking and kicking drills are repetitive. The repetition not only builds strength, but also improves your flexibility and range of motion. In particular, your kicks and your strikes will become quicker as you advance in you training. This is extremely important because your ability to react is a key component of self-defense. Through quicker movements, you will learn how to use this to your advantage when defending yourself.

The Tiger-Rock Experience

Start feeling amazing…

Our adult martial arts class will help you lose weight and lose the stress! Most of all, it will be a fun way to wrap up your hectic day. At Tiger-Rock, you will be learning something new and exciting—more than what you could get from spending time on a treadmill! Indeed, you will be getting stronger—physically, mentally, and spiritually!

Start keeping your cool…

It’s amazing what happens when you’re able to relieve stress in a fun and energetic environment. The things that used to annoy you will not annoy you as much. You will be more focused and calmer—regardless what your day might throw at you. And that’s because martial arts is also a way of life. You’ll learn how to control your body, your mind, and your emotions.

Start being more confident…

Many adults start taking martial arts classes for the challenge as well as to learn how to defend themselves. And our training gives you the challenges you desire and the tools you need to defend yourself. Altogether, this will help you build confidence. Women will feel confident that they can defend themselves from an attacker and successfully escape. Men will have the additional tools to effectively defend themselves and their loved ones.

Frequently asked questions about our adult martial arts program

Is martial arts violent?

Martial arts may include kicks and strikes, but the reality is—it is not violent. In fact, martial artists are usually not the ones to start fights; we prefer to avoid fights. However, if that time comes, the martial artist will be trained and prepared to defend his or herself.

Will martial arts be tough on my body?

Whenever you start a new physical fitness regimen, whether it would be martial arts or an exercise program—it is going to take time for your body to adjust. That’s why at Tiger-Rock, we encourage our adult martial arts students to train at their own pace. We don’t rush you: we want you to have fun, be comfortable, and change your life. At the same time, though, martial arts is a total-body, calorie burning, fat-burning workout.

Will I get hurt?

As with any physical, athletic activity, there is a chance you may get hurt. However, the Certified Instructor Team at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts take great care to make sure participants are safe. We carefully demonstrate the best way to perform each technique. Moreover, we also let our students learn at their own pace. But, if necessary, our instructors are trained to administer First Aid quickly.

Begin the transformation to Black Belt

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