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Exciting martial arts instruction

Our martial arts training program is fun, exciting, and full of energy! We combine Korean martial arts traditions with the latest developments in physical fitness. As a result, students get a full body workout! Overall, you will get stronger, healthier, and faster at our martial arts academy.

Essential life skills education

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts teaches key life skills to students of all ages. This includes listening, following directions, self-confidence, and resolving conflict. Most importantly, the life skills you learn on our mats will be vital to your life off the mat.

Extensive self-defense training

At our locations in Pensacola and Pace, we will learn real-world self-defense. Our curriculum features drills, techniques, and tips. This curriculum is designed to focus on safety, awareness, and personal protection. Regardless of your experience, you will be able to apply a lot of what you’ll learn successfully.

Kids Martial Arts Lessons

Lessons for elementary, middle, and high school students

We offer 3 distinct martial arts programs based on age. These programs are: Tiger-Cubs (4 and 5 year-olds), Juniors (6 to 11-year-olds), and Teens (12 to 15-year-olds). Each of our martial arts programs for kids in Pensacola and Pace provide fun and excitement and in a safe and educational setting. You will provide an big boost to your child’s self-confidence and self-discipline when you enroll them into our kids martial arts program. In fact, as an added bonus, you may see remarkable improvements in attitude, behavior, and even academic performance.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts values being a part of your family & the Pensacola-Pace community. You and your child will team up with highly trained, energetic, and enthusiastic Certified Instructors who are committed to your child’s success inside & outside of the academy.

Adult Martial Arts Classes

Life changing martial arts training for students ages 16 & up

With Tiger-Rock’s elite Adult Martial Arts Program, you will gain the edge you know you’ve been missing. Our program is unlike any other fitness program you’ve experienced—you can’t get what we offer at a gym! Advanced martial arts instruction, real-world self-defense, and calorie-burning physical fitness are the essential elements to our adult martial arts program. Set goals, lose weight, and improve your health on the Tiger-Rock mat!

The transformation you will experience is unlike anything else in martial arts and fitness. Learn more about our incredible martial arts program for adults.

Martial arts offers benefits at every age

Younger students build motor skills with the symmetrical movements they learn in class. Plus, they learn the value of listening and following directions. As a result, they will become more disciplined and better behaved.

Elementary and middle school students will build character, learn self-discipline, and pick up better habits with martial arts. Moreover, they will learn how to defend and protect themselves from bullies and strangers. In addition, we teach accountability and respect.

For high school students, we teach self-defense, self-discipline, and respect for authority. At the same time, we instill values of leadership and good citizenship. These are tomorrow’s leaders—and we want to do our part to prepare them for the road ahead.

Adults will enjoy a great workout, stress relief, and renewed physical fitness and mental keenness. By training at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, adult martial artists will enrich their lives in ways they could have never expected.

Grow your focus; build your confidence

You will become more focused & confident.

In our classes, we go one step at a time. Martial arts involves a great deal of repetition. Not only will you improve your motor function, but you’ll sharpen your mental focus. It takes great concentration to perform many of our techniques. That’s why martial artists are typically second to none when it comes to focus. In fact, you’ll start seeing a change in other areas of your life as you advance in training.

Have fun, reduce stress, and improve your health

Improved personal fitness

As shown above, martial arts is a great way to improve your physical fitness. You’ll notice that training strengthens core muscles, improves flexibility, and enhances your endurance. Altogether, martial arts can help you reach peak physical fitness.

Reduced daily stress

Hey, we all live hectic lives. Without a doubt, martial arts is a great way to blow off the steam of a long, rough day. At the same time, stress reduction has important mental and cardiovascular benefits. So not only will you get to reduce your stress—you’re going to be healthier because of it.

Start having fun

Finally, martial arts is incredibly fun. Unsurprisingly, many of our students find martial arts training to be addictive. With every new challenge presented and met, you will come to love training at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts.

See what the Pace & Pensacola community has to say about us!

4.7 ★★★★★

  • Avatar

    Debbie Hess
    3 months ago

    My 7 year old granddaughter has been attending for close to 2 years and it's been by far the best … More growth experience that she could have ever had, not only physically but mentally. I highly recommend taekwondo for any little girl and I would definitely bring her here to Mr Bell and his team of highly trained instructors. They are fantastic!!! They are kind and compassionate but still manage to drive the kids hard enough to see that they are successful. 5 stars for Tiger Rock and Mr Bell!!!!
  • Avatar

    Jessica Freeland
    2 months ago

    I absolutely can not say enough about this school! My children have been attending for 5 years now. This … More is our second school, and right from the beginning, I was thoroughly impressed. At the time, one had just turned 8, and the other was 10. I loved the positive, constructive environment that echoed the same things we taught at home. Respect, positive attitude, growth, clean living, and earning your way.
    Fast forward to incoming sophomore in high school and incoming 8th grader, my kids are entrenched in it more than ever. Their heroes are the ones who not just talk about the right things to do but demonstrate these principles every day. I have no doubt a huge part of my children's success in every area of their lives. Then, of course, there is the actual physical conditioning and skills taught.
    If you're an adult looking to join, it's humbling at first, BUT you are treated with the highest respect in a completely empowering and positive environment. Increased flexibilty and stregth you did not know you lost….. try it, you might just surprise yourself!
    Lastly, there are plenty of opportunities for a student to learn and plenty of opportunities for the student to compete on both local and national levels.
    I don't just recommend Tiger Rock, I highly encourage you to try it!
    ~Jessica Freeland
  • Avatar

    Kim Edens
    2 months ago

    This place rocks. We have been part of the this family over a year. The way the instructors bring out … More the confidence of the kids is so wonderful to watch. I recommend Tiger Rock 💯

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